3G/GPRS DoCoMo Manager Translation

Here are some very rough translations of what the DoCoMo Manager is saying. I took Japanese for 4 years back in middle-school / high-school and revisited it for 2 years in college. I only know a few hundred Kanji so I got some help from my Japanese friend for the rest: Always_Fearless. Anyway its not so good but it will at least help someone out I know.

The Top 4 Tabs are:

Display Settings – Connection Settings – Cost Counter Settings – International Roaming Setting

Display Settings

[] Always Start With Windows (W) (Recommended)

[] After the connection is established automatically hide the connection manager in the tray (T)

[] Display this screen always on top (B)

Make them valid for those you did not check above [Reset(R)]

Software Update

[Start Software Update]

[] Automatically check to see if there are updates available

* While you are connected via international roaming, the cost will become very large. The computer does not check this automatically.

Choose a Skin:

Skin Names:

Skin Name                   Company                     Date

Simple Blue                 NTT Docomo           2010/04/28

Skin Menu Add Skin

There are some choices for available for update. Check and click [OK] button for the tickbox you want to use

  • [] Cool Black
  • [] Elegant Green
  • [] Pop Orange
  • [] International Roaming

[] Check the available skins for update whenever you are connected

[Okay] [Cancel] [Help]

Content of your Agreement

Cost Plan: Fixed amount Data Plan                             [Change (C)] {This menu = next SS}

  • Value Plan

Discount Service: Discount with fixed data amount

  • Consider free connections like (Wi-Fi)

FOMA Terminal: Dial Up Connection (FOMA F07C)                [Change APN (H)]

Setting for High Speed

[] Optimize for Connection Environment (Recommended)

Terminal You Use(A)                               [Optimize Settings for Upload (L){Goes to new ss below]

Settings for Packet Connection

Where You Connect  [(Connection Location) (F)]         [Add or Edit Access Point(B)]

How to Connect (J) [Connect Automatically (Only in Japan)]

Connect Manually[Second in Droplist]

MZone(Japan only no need)

64K Connection Setting

Connection Location (S) [Don't Use]                            [Add or Edit Access Point (D)]

Change Data Plan Menu

  • Fixed amount Standard Data plan
  • 64K Data Plan
  • HIGH-SPEED Data Plan
  • Data Plan (Packet Plus)
  • Family Wide
  • FOMA Plan
  • Limit Plus
  • FOMA Data Plan 22
  • Business Plan

These are all the plans and their spin offs, mostly Japanese Plans. Just the ones differing are translated. The duplicates with their minor changes are not.

Cost Plan(G)         [Select one]

O – Basic Plan(S)         O – Value Plan(W)

Discount Service(D) Discount Wizard

Discount Service

Settings for Terminal You Use

Names of the Terminals (L)

Name                                                            Phone Number

Dial Up Connection (FOMA F07C)

*If the computer cannot find FOMA terminal the computer is not installed properly or setting connection file is not configured properly. [Try to Search for Connection Again]

*See the help for mobile broadband connection

Optimize Settings for Upload Menu


HSUPA terminal you can optimize for HSUPA use.

If you don’t optimize for the terminal to use HSUPA, then you will be forced onto the lower tier connection. In order for this change to be applied you must restart Windows.

Do you want to upload in the best way? Yes (Y)     / No (N)

[Restart] [Cancel]

Cost Counter Settings

Specific Connect Settings, (Specific Packet Connection, International Roaming, 64 data Connection)

[]Setting for the Alarm for each amount (C)

1000 yen (when you use)             Packet Connection           79,444 packets

64 Data Connection

[]Setting for the Alarm per 1 month (M)

1000 yen (when you use)           Packet Connection           79,444 packets

64 Data Connection

[] Setting for the alarm when you do not use connection (N)

64K data connection (when you use)  [5}  When you are not using for __ [Cut connection automatically]

Other Settings

Cost Counter

[2011 Year] [8 month] Delete the record of the setting before [Reset(R)]

* This setting is for the dial up connection wizard using this software

Always count when you use FOMA terminal connection (F) (Recommended)

Always count when you use Bluetooth connection (B)

Settings for each dial up

Name of Dial up (D)

o – Count(I) o – Do not Count(O) o- Confirm when connected (E)

Settings for International Roaming

*If you want to use international roaming, you need to get packet access point settings.*

o – The computer automatically will see if the international roaming is working or not when the computer starts (U)

o – Always set the international roaming to be available (I)

The setting of the international roaming for which company you connect to:

o – Set Automatically (A)

o – Set Custom (M)

Choose the Business Operator: Automatic

3G/GSM (GPRS) switch settings

*If you choose the connection company as custom abroad,  or set 3G to GSM, if the company is banned in Japan or does not offer the service into your region, then the connection will not be available(no service out of range) and in this case you need to see help.

*With your computer you cannot set the connection company*

The Setting for the Alarm of the Timer

Set the alarm ring before you use 30000 yen (~390$ USD) (L)

The computer is original set at 50000 (~650$ USD)
yen it also includes calling, SMS and Video calling.

*The cost of International calling is not included.

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