Got External Battery Charging Working!

It turns out the F-07C requires a special Japanese cable that only pins out 5V and GND (ground). Nothing else will work. I tried maybe 11 of my USB cables in combination with many mini/micro usb adapters I have and they all had pins for data it seems. The best kind of cable for this device is a Japanese Data/Charge switch. The following can be had for it (Only in Japan):

Black Switch for Data/Charge from ビックカメラ

Black Switch for Data/Charge from Tokyo Mobile

Black Switch for Data/Charge from Yahoo Japan

Apparently this converter shorts (sold out -> this is the new version) out the pins for data in a USB cable in order for it to charge the device also.

Anyway, I got it working using the Sanyo Eneloop charge cable and converter it came with. I ordered one from Japan using White Rabbit Express. I highly recommend you check them out. They can order nearly anything from Japan and have it shipped to you in 3-4 days.

Sanyo Eneloop Booster Stick (Came out to 60$ with EMS 3 day shipping – This price beats out many other JP only companies selling the stick for 50-70$) I get around 4~5 hours with this 1.2Ghz, lowest brightness etc.

They can also help import those charge cables if necessary.

For the battery I have been using, I use this one here. It has 16000mAh. Seeing how the internal battery is on the F-07C (1400mAh) you can imagine the boost. It is only a tiny bit bigger than the phone itself(see the pic in the first impressions – about not being able to charge the phone – the block under the phone that its connected to is the battery {it can fit in your back pocket, around the size of a bulky external hard drive} I get about 22 + hours @ 1.2Ghz, lowest brightness settings + all the tweaks. To tell you the truth I haven’t ever ran out of juice using the battery pack with the F-07C without recharging it. If you want power on the go, this your best bet.

Be wary the first one I got was a dud (charge lights didn’t tell the truth, battery didn’t last any time), but Amazon is AMAZING. I firmly stand by them and always will. They sent out a replacement with next day shipping and gave me 30 days to return the broken one. I took that time to do some testing and comparing.

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  1. you link picture where you say, “here” is down

    p.s. you are a god send and you should leave a comment on umpc portal you have solved every problem that like 50 guys on that blog are struggling with

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