F-07C Died!

My little F-07C died a horrible death today! I was cleaning / packing and I came back to the device to check for phone calls / txts and it was not charging anymore. I tried and tried but I could not revive it. The microusb charge port on the device has completely died. None of the cables I knew worked are working anymore. Once the device dies that will be it for it. I’m so sad I fell in love with this little thing.

Sigh… I did manage to figure out a lot of things(like how to keep Wi-Fi on when the phone switches between Windows and FOMA). If you all still want to know them let me know, maybe I can write out a guide for them.

As for me I am going to go take a shower in tears.:(

3 thoughts on “F-07C Died!

  1. ……… what did you do that caused it to die? or is the cause unknows, also did you order a new one and if so did you do all the same stuff and have it not die…?

    • I’m not sure what was caused to make it die. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary and I was using the stock charger when it happened. The device is dead in the USB port, but I have made a connector for the proprietary port to charge it that way.

      I don’t use the device anymore. I got a AT&T Xperia Play 4G. :D The device is good as a UMPC, but it has far to many faults, especially in America. It’s banned on AT&T, its battery life is abysmal, 75% of the features on it do not work unless you live in Japan and its very uncustomizable (seeing how no ones been able to reverse engineer how the MOAP(s) rom works on the atom chip).

      I only use the device if I want to play Japanese Ero games or something windows only in bed. Besides that, I always have my u820 ^.^.

      • hmm i have had mine for 2 months now any suggestions on how i should activate the phone on it because i know nothing about that stuff since i have used basic cheap phones all my life and have traveled to countries that use sim cards, i would prefer pay as you go a cheap rate with no charge on incoming calls

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