F-07C Overclocking Guide

Download CrystalCPUID here: Download

Go to Multiplier Settings and change them to the following:

Go to Intel Enhanced SpeedStep and change it to the following:

Changing the multiplier to 12x will jump your CPU to 1.2Ghz

Check with CPU-Z (Download: here) that your processor is indeed running at 1.2Ghz (CrystalCPUID will always show the CPU as 1.2Ghz)

This will give your CPU a stable overclock setting. I have not experienced any blue screens or freezing / crashing using this setting.

Oh, if you want to overclock to any other speed, set the multiplier to that speed. Basically 6.0x = 600mhz, so 7.0x = 700mhz 10.0x = 1Ghz and so on. 12 is the maximum!



5 thoughts on “F-07C Overclocking Guide

  1. Thanks for putting this info together and sharing with everyone. It’s great!

    A question regarding voltage setting….in the SpeedStep window, the max voltage number is less than the min voltage number, why is that?



    • You’re welcome!

      I was messing around with ‘Enable Voltage Change’ button. Basically overriding the voltage settings I had in place. In the case of the picture you can disregard it because I was tinkering with the voltage at 1.0 to see how things performed. Turns out the device won’t last too long under load without freezing. I’m guessing that from my previous tests and at the time of me taking the SS that I had funked around with the settings there for a while. Crystal CPUID doesn’t change / tell you whats happening in real time unless you enable it. I had it disabled. So it’s all a bit wonky / confusing. Just don’t mind it :) If you see in CPU-Z SS, my voltage is really at .925 V.

  2. Hey,
    is speed step working the device is overclocked?


    Running it at 600Mhz when in IDLE and automatically speeding up to 1,2Ghz when under load?


    • Unfortunately no.

      If you look in CPU-Z where it says ‘Stepping: 1′. I am guessing you need that to be greater than 1 in order to get speed-stepping to work. On my u820, it has its stepping as 2 and it does just that. On the F-07C it just sits at whatever you set it to. I imagine they put that in to place to prevent battery loss since it was already set at 600mhz to begin with. Or they could just be lazy. Either way I have no idea, I am just guessing at this. :P

  3. I tried unlocking with the displayed settings, however my F-07C was showing up a bluescreen followed by a red turning backlight.

    Luckily it rebooted just normally.

    I guess you can’t use the specs 1:1 as shown in the screenshots. How did you figure out the interval time settings?? They differ completely with my preset settings on my device.


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